Voltrega's casttle and the romanesque church

Easy walk along the ridge of Sobremunt with wide views of the plain of Vic and the region of Osona. During the tour we will get to know the Osona's landscape and discover the many changes it has undergone over time. From the sea that covered this area millions of years ago to the present day, the transformation of the landscape of the plain of Vic has been remarkable. A rural landscape made up of small hills and a mosaic of crops, with farmhouses and villages scattered here and there, surrounded by mountains and forests, shaped by the river Ter and often covered by fog.

This walk offers views of all Osona’s county and allows you to see a Romanesque chapel and the remains of a medieval castle.

Place: Les Masies de Voltregà
Difficulty: Moderate
Best season to enjoy it: Spring, autumn and winter
Elevation gain: 300 mts
Distance: 8km
Maximum height: 858 mts
Duration: 3h
Walking time: 2h
Capacity: from 2  to 10

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