The Besora's casttle

This excursion will take us to the main place of interest in the region of Bisaura, the medieval castle of Besora, perched on a cliff overlooking the ancient territory of the Lord of Besora. Located north of Osona, in the pre-Pyrenean mountain range, this region was one of the first to be reconquered by Guifré el Pelós, considered the founder of Catalonia, in his fight against the Muslim kingdom. Bisaura is a mountainous territory covered with oaks, maples, Scots pine and beeches with scattered small villages and farmhouses. Today the place still retains its pastoral essence, enjoys tranquility and is far from mass tourism. It is highly recommended to finish the route savoring traditional food in one of the restaurants in the town.

Place: Montesquiu
Difficulty: Moderate
Best season to enjoy it: Spring, autumn and winter
Elevation gain: 440 mts
Distance: 10 Km
Maximum height: 1.030 mts
Duration: 4h
Walking time: 3.5h
Capacity: from 2  to 10

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